Statement From Councilman John Hoffmann on Dan O’Leary

John is so much better with words than I am, so I thought I’d repost his statement that he put on his Facebook account

Still on a business trip in Chicago, I started my day by taking a telephone call from Keller City Manager Dan O’Leary. Dan told me that last night he informed the rest of the council that he was resigning his position at Town Hall. He assured me that it’s not because of any dissatisfaction or disagreement with anyone, but rather because he’s looking for a new challenge. I like and respect Dan, and I believe him.
In truth, it appears Dan has become a victim of his own success, and for that he should be congratulated. While we certainly have plenty of issues that we need to address to help make Keller an even better place to live and work, there are no major burning problems that need immediate, intensive attention from the city manager. Dan and his team have fixed a lot of problems over the years and generally have the city running pretty well. So there’s just not as much for a city manager and two assistant CMs to do as before.  Dan and many others on the staff and council (past and present) can take credit for that, and they should. So as Dan prepares to leave Keller Town Hall and seek a new opportunity, I can only wish him well and thank him for his dedication to our community. When I learn more about what we’re going to do to replace him, I’ll be sure to let you know.
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