A New Low for Keller Politics

I hate to bring you bad news on such a beautiful day, but Keller politics has reached an all time low and this couldn’t wait.  I’m sorry if this news causes anyone’s faith in me to waiver, but I feel this is too important to ignore.  I am sad that Keller’s politics have become so unethical, so this morning I contacted the local police and the Texas Ethics Commission to investigate this matter. Because of this, I can’t comment anything more, but to say thanks to my friends and supporters that have called, texted and emailed the last couple of days.

I have also shared a post from Councilman John Hoffmann’s Facebook page that sums up the matter and thank him for his support.

I saw something very disturbing on Saturday afternoon. It was a video involving my good friend and fellow Councilman Doug Miller. Doug has become a victim of the most egregious, despicable political attack I have ever seen in Keller, and the campaign is not even three weeks old. In fact, there’s not even announced opposition yet. No one has filed to run against Doug, Mayor Pat McGrail or me, but clearly people are waiting in the wings ready to come forward – after they first smear a good man.
First, about the video. In it, Doug is seen in security camera video at a local establishment in an argument with a waitress whom he believed had stolen a credit card from a friend of his. He was standing up for his friend and was upset. Then he used some bad language and raised his voice. That’s it. I’d agree it wasn’t very nice, but it was nothing more than that.
What’s truly despicable is that the video included graphics alleging he was acting as a city councilman and had abused his powers of office. The video is from before Doug became a member of the Keller City Council! Worst of all, it was mailed anonymously to several of Doug’s friends and colleagues with a promise there’s more to come. No one claimed responsibility for it, there’s no return address, and there’s no information saying it’s part of a political campaign – all of which means someone is trying to personally attack Doug in a way that violates state ethics and campaign laws.
So I have to ask: How badly does someone want Doug to lose the upcoming election in May that they are waging an anonymous, personal attack on him before there’s even an identified opponent? We’ve both seen the emails sent around town begging people to run against us. We’ve known for some time they won’t run campaigns in support of our opponents, but instead will try to run negative campaigns against us. But resorting to lies and innuendo to undermine Doug today … and maybe the mayor or me tomorrow … is a new low.
Doug Miller cares more about Keller than just about anyone I know. He has no personal stake in serving on the council and has actually seen his business suffer because he won’t conduct business here. He takes each matter that comes before the Council one at a time and listens to what people have to say before making his decisions. He and I don’t always agree on each individual issue, but his values and his character – which is now under attack by cowards who won’t identify themselves – are unquestioned.
I urge everyone who reads this message to voice their opposition to such terrible, unethical campaign tactics and spread the story of this atrocious behavior. I’m sure those who stand ready to run against Doug, Pat and me will claim ignorance of this activity, but they must be held accountable and called upon to renounce it. This kind of small town, dirty politics makes me sick and motivates me to work even harder in our re-election campaign. Please join us in our fight for Keller and help us keep our city a great place to live, work and raise our families.

John Hoffmann

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