Life Happens

Five weeks ago, I joined two of my council colleagues at FnG Eats to announce to the community that I am running for re-election to the Keller City Council. Despite what have been greatly increased demands on my time from commitments to my business and family, I was happy to step up and commit to running a spirited campaign and serving another three-year term.

Between then and now, though, life happened. What was a busy time at work has become a non-stop whirlwind. The new business is growing and going, and the existing business has exploded with new deals after several recessionary years in the doldrums. At home, my friends and blog readers know my wife is traveling extensively as she finds success in her job, and my daughter is absolutely thriving in high school – in Dallas. She travels every day to downtown Dallas to attend the Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Getting her there and back – not to mention attending performances – takes great planning and coordination, and that’s when everything goes as planned. If there’s any kind of change or variable, it can make it incredibly tough to have the time to be a good dad.  

So over the last two weeks, Shannon and I have been talking. I love serving on the City Council, and she knows I love it, too. But when we prioritized what we want and need at this moment in our lives – including success at work and greater success as a family – it became clear to me that I couldn’t do justice to my company, my wife and daughter, and the people of Keller if I continued to serve on City Council.

So today I am announcing I am withdrawing from the race for Keller City Council, Place 6. As much as I want to continue and wage the good fight during the campaign, I am more motivated to help our family accomplish the goals in front of us today. In the future, when the excitement stabilizes at work and we find a better way to balance the family schedule, I might look for a way to re-engage at Town Hall. But for now, I plan to complete my first term and then step aside after a new Place 6 councilman is sworn in.

I want to thank my many friends and supporters for standing with me. I know I’m not always the easiest guy to endorse, but I’ve done my absolute best to stay true to our shared beliefs and values … and to be straightforward and transparent with all the people of Keller. I love this city, and while I’m planning to leave the council in a couple of months, I promise you I’m really not going anywhere. See you soon.

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