The Best Is Yet To Come

From the Texas Blaze:

Dear Editor:
As a retired, former City Manager of Keller I want to express my sincere support for Mayor Pat McGrail, Councilman John Hoffman and Planning and Zoning Commissioner Ken Lewis in this upcoming election. These gentlemen possess the qualities needed to continue to make Keller the great city that it is. Their proven experience, knowledge and objectivity will be critical if Keller is to continue to proposer. Keller has and continues to be a shining star not only in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and State, but the nation as well. This is evidenced by its numerous accolades and the outstanding quality of life enjoyed by its citizens. To suggest otherwise is nonsensical. Unfortunately, there are those who choose to do so.

With over thirty years in local government I have personally witnessed the political rhetoric that is currently being strewn around town as truth. Promises and accusations that are not based on fact, but rather are focused on instilling a sense of fear and panic in the voting public. Keller has never been, nor will it ever be a community of high density residential that mimics other areas in the Metroplex. As a city, Keller is beginning to enter into a state of maturity with only a few tracts of residential land remaining. The majority of undeveloped land is located along US 377 and FM 1709 and is naturally suited for commercial development. Unless a city is specifically located on or next to an interstate or freeway it is not uncommon for commercial to lag residential development as developers wait for necessary traffic counts and number of rooftops to reach a prescribed level to ensure new businesses can succeed within the market. This is what has and is occurring in Keller. As the economy continues to slowly recover from what has been called one of the worst recessions in our history, Keller has done very well attracting high quality development. Recent commercial activity such as the Movie House and Eatery, Baylor Emergency Medical Center, Sprouts, Shannon Brewery, new professional services, medical offices and restaurants provide evidence to that effect. And the best is still to come.

When I decided to leave Keller I did so in part because I was confident in the leadership of the City Council and the expertise and ability of the staff. To see some willingly choose to make hollow promises that are disconnected from reality and fail to acknowledge the great city that Keller has become is both disheartening and insulting. It is easy to make unsubstantiated claims, but the proof is in the results. Please take this message for what it is, a warning to protect Keller from misguided single- minded, single- issue politics and support the proven leadership that is Pat McGrail, John Hoffmann and Ken Lewis.
Dan O’Leary
Former Keller City Manager

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