Thursday Quick Hits

My “To Do” list the last two weeks filled four legal pad sheets with notes. I have slowly but surely knocked off most of them and figured I could get the rest knocked out today. Showed up to the office to have my T1 line down and my provider didn’t have any idea how long to get to my trouble ticket. After having somebody run to my house to get my Hot Spot to rig up some internet, I finally got it back up this afternoon. Didn’t get much done on my list.

I leave tomorrow for a 17 day trip to China. I’m going to a trade show and then travelling through South China to visit some factories that are working with us on manufacturing some of our products. It should be an interesting trip. My mom and dad are coming down to stay at the house while I’m gone, and of course they land about 45 minutes after I take off. They also leave a few hours before I come back. I’ll eventually get my schedule down.

I hope to post some trip reports here to the blog while I’m gone, if not check my Facebook page.

Yeah, it’s not really a song about China….but still a great tune.

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