Update From My Visit To City Hall

First, I did receive a phone call from Trina Zais, Director of Public Services/Economic Development for the City to apologize for her phone call the other evening and to apologize for not getting a return phone call. Funny how that happens when called to the carpet by the City Manager.

Second, I have been contacted by a number of readers stating that they also have been not getting a response when emails or phone calls are made to City Hall. I have passed along Mark Hefner’s email and phone number to them, told them to top. Most felt that overkill, I told them do that, or show up at City Hall and tell Libby (the front desk receptionist) to go get the person they are looking for so that could actually see if this person actually exists.

Third, a former Councilman texted me the other night that it’s time to remind the folks at City Hall who they work for….and I agree 100%.

Fourth, no, I do not have any immediate plans to run for office. That could change if things at City Hall do not change…and change in a hurry.

Fifth, thanks to all the readers of the blog. I had over 1000 hits in two days. I love to write, even though I’m not very good at it, but real world issues like running three different companies take priority.

Sixth, thanks to all the former Keller employees that reached out to thank me for the post. I had almost forgotten how large that number was.

And finally, I had Big Bob place a bet on the Rangers to win the west when he was in Vegas last week….six days to opening day! Never ever quit!

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