SMH, slang with the kids these days…it means Shake My Head.

Sometimes you come across people in this world where it’s best you don’t respond….that’s when you just SMH. But this time I think I will actually respond to the latest and greatest slur coming from the mouth of Marie Howard.

First, a background on the election going on now in Keller. Both Candidates are friends of mine. I served with Mitch on Council for a time before he had to quit because the massive recession caused him to relocate to West Texas. Ed Speakmon is my Precinct Chair here in Keller, I also appointed Ed to the Transportation Advisory Board here in Keller. After he served for months on the board, hearing from citizens and from staff members, he approved of going to an election and to raise taxes.

When I appointed Ed, I told him, don’t go along to get along. Ask the tough questions. Make sure this is what the city actually needed. He came out of the process agreeing that the tax rate needed to be increased and the bond needed to be passed.

It was only after the Board served their duty that he changed his mind. It was because Marie was buds with Debbie and they wanted to defeat the bond for their own reasons, so she got into Ed’s ear and he refused to support the bond that he had voted to approve while on the committee.

Now lets get to Marie. While I was on Council, she published that I had a huge campaign war chest, and inferred that I must be on the take, because why would a local councilman have something like $75,000 in my campaign fund. Well, seems she was searching State Rep Doug Miller’s ethics report without even reading the first page, which lists his office (which should have been her first clue) and his address (not in Keller)…good research there Marie.

Now tonight I was forwarded her latest missive:

Ed Speakmon, Precinct Chair #3554, is in a runoff for Keller City Council. He received 45% of the vote in the May 23rd election with four people in the race. Ed needs your support to win. If any of you have some spare time, he would appreciate your help. If Keller were still using plurality, he would have been the winner. Unfortunately, former City Council Doug Miller changed the rule when he was elected after losing twice in his runs for Keller City Council. Hope with new leadership coming in that will change and save our City Taxpayers thousands of dollars. The former City Council went along with the change and it has created chaos for every election since.

First, she is the Area Leader for District 98…it’s a fancy term for running an email list to other precinct chairs. (That is who this email was addressed to)

Second, she failed to mention that Ed is running against a fellow precinct chair…yeah, that’s right. Mitch is a precinct chair.  She’s using her position to advocate for one precinct chair over another.  That’s just slimy.

Third, lets delve into her falsehood. The decision to have the City of Keller elections decided by a majority of the vote goes back to the very first City Charter in Keller. It was adopted long before I ever moved to town and I certainly did not have any part of changing the rule, in fact, the RULE HAS NEVER CHANGED. As a matter of record, a City Councilman does not just up and change the Charter….the citizens of the town VOTE in a democratic fashion to change it.

Yeah, just another slur from Marie who has no idea what the hell she is talking about. Again, if it wasn’t so important to get this out there, I’d just SMH.

I call on Jen Hall, current Tarrant County GOP Chair, and Tim O’Hare, incoming TCGOP Chair to get their “Area Leader” under control. District 98 deserves better than this crap.

And I call on my fellow Keller citizens to get to the polls and vote.

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