Your Song

We all have our faults, and God knows I have a few. One of those happens to be paralysis by analysis. When I’m trying to make a major decision I try to analyze every aspect to make sure I’ve covered all my bases.

Maybe it’s because I have a business partner that is the opposite, one that makes a decision based on gut feeling and moves on. Or maybe it’s because I’ve always tried to be frugal and have watched every dollar I’ve ever spent. But, with that said, I do admit it as a character flaw.

We have been trying to buy a lake house for the past 10 months, we’ve looked at over 40 houses, made offers on three and have come up empty. With limited inventory, we started to revisit houses that we’ve looked at before, maybe something would speak to us.

We happened to look at a house last weekend for the second time, this house so happened to be the very first house we looked at 10 months ago. It has a weird layout, only has 3 bedrooms and the bathroom situation wasn’t the best. But the outdoor space was perfect with a nice pool and a great boat house.

We sat on the dock Sunday afternoon and looked at each other and said this just might be the one. After 10 months maybe we found what we are looking for in the very first house we looked at.

We told our agent (and by now a good friend) to get the offer ready. We were going to buy this thing.

I just got back from China last Friday, and Sunday I was still dealing with a bad case of jet lag, and when the offer sheet hit our inbox, I told Shannon that I would look at in the morning that I was too tired to proof a contract that night.

Well…..the next morning I started looking through the documents and a few things popped out at me. I called the agent and told her I needed to do some research, to find out about these issues before I felt comfortable putting in the offer.

Here it comes…the analysis I felt I needed to do. Multiple emails, phone calls and another visit to the house. Our agent spent the whole day on the phone trying to find out some answers for me, my wife as well was working the phone.

Finally by Tuesday evening, after yet another visit to the house just to really walk around the outside and get a better feel for the place, I was ready to make an offer. I got home and discussed our position with Shannon and we made the call to Laura, our agent and moved forward.

I’ve become addicted to Zillow the last year, I check the app on my phone almost hourly, and as I sat there waiting for the offer to come to my inbox to sign, by habit I pulled out my phone to look at the house yet one more time…..and it didn’t show up in my search parameters…that means one thing.

The house had an accepted offer on the house and was under contract.

I was sitting there watching the Home Run Derby and I started to panic a little bit. I changed the search parameters and there it was in black and white. PENDING CONTRACT.

I texted my wife (who was outside enjoying the evening on the back porch while I watched baseball) and the agent with the news….the response from my wife I could have heard from Shanghai.

I was in deep shit….I knew it.

When we didn’t get a house we had made a full price offer on this past spring, one that was absolutely beautiful and move in ready, Shannon went into a funk. While I think of this purchase as purely a financial transaction, she is built different. She already had envisioned us in the house, enjoying the lake with our family. It was an emotional roller coaster for her, rightfully so.

She was pissed, and she let me know it. She told me what I already knew, that it was my fault. I tried to explain, but I knew that she was right and hoped in the morning things would look better.

There was plenty of blame to go around, the listing agent knew we were working on an offer, but didn’t reach out to our agent before they accepted the other offer. It is a sellers’ market, there isn’t any inventory, the listing agent didn’t have to reach out. Our agent, Laura Holland from Texas Best Properties worked the phones and made our case.

So right now, our offer is in front of the owner. Will we get the house? I wouldn’t hazard a guess. Do I have a plan B? Of course I do and we are already working a few different deals.

But the purpose of this post is partially to put these thoughts to words, something that I have missed doing for the last couple of years. But also to acknowledge something that I don’t do enough.

Nearly 20 years ago I married a wonderful woman, one that was my soul mate from the first day we sat down and talked. Shannon and I had a history before we started to date, it revolved around small town city politics and to say we didn’t like each other very much is an understatement. We fell in love almost instantly, a love that continues to this day, as strong as that first day in the park.

We know each other so well, we can finish each other’s sentences. We agree a heck of a lot more than we disagree and we came together to raise some great kids.

As my friends know, music is a big part of my life. I take cues from songs and I don’t think it’s random that a song comes on a playlist on my way to work. When driving in, the music always sets the tone for the day, and many of blog posts have revolved around a song that happened to come on the radio during that drive.

While I was in China, I happened to be listening to a lot of older songs; Fleetwood Mac, The Cars, Tom Petty and Elton John. I spend a lot of time on trains and in airports during my trips, and to pass the time I put on my headphones and just escape into the music.

This morning on the way in, Apple Music decided I needed to listen to Elton John, and in particular “Your Song”.

I don’t have much money but boy if I did
I’d buy a big house where we both could live

One day, I’ll get that big house for you honey. Just let me analyze it a little more and I’m sure I can come up with a solution………



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