How It’s Supposed to Work

Well, except the part that NRH failed to respond or even acknowledge my request.

I posted this to Facebook last night:

I am the first to call city hall on the crap it pulls. My history with them is legendary.

But I will take the time tonight to tell you a good story.

The street lights on North Tarrant were out for over a month. I reached out to NRH (as the street belongs to them) and got crickets. One night a NRH cop had pulled somebody over by our street and after he finished up the call I went and requested he put in a request on the street light. Nothing.

I emailed Mark Hafner, the Keller City Manager about two weeks ago. He responded right away and emailed the City Manager in NRH and CC’d me. He got a response and Mark texted me to let me know the situation.

Tonight out of the blue Mark texted me to ask if the lights were back on. I let him know in fact the lights came back on about a week ago and thanked him for following up.

See how easy that is to be responsive to a citizen complaint?

I’ve been hard on Mark the last few months on some other issues. He could have easily ignored my email and not done anything. But he didn’t.

That’s how government is supposed to work

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