Remember the TRE!

Do you remember the recession a few years back? Coming out of the economic downturn in 2008 and 2009, Keller ISD announced it wanted to raise its tax rate 13 cents! The district claimed it had lost mega-funding from the state and without the extra funding would have to slash football at the middle schools and eliminate free bus service – not to mention cut teachers and increase class sizes.

I was running for City Council at the time, and even though the city officially had nothing to do with it, the school district’s gigantic proposed tax increase was the hottest issue in our race. Everyone wanted to know whether I was for it or against it – even though as a councilman I’d have no say in the matter. They wanted to know what I thought. And you can guess I was dead-set against it.

Since I had my own campaign to run, I didn’t have time to fight the increase the way I wanted to. Most of the people I knew who were helping me couldn’t find time to combat it either. Enter Giovanni Capriglione.

Gio didn’t live in KISD, but he was willing to help the people here fight the largest proposed tax increase in HD98 history. He funded the fight, and he led the fight. And KISD took note. The district didn’t pull any punches and came after him hard. They attacked him personally, robocalled taxpayers relentlessly, and even badgered students to get their parents to vote for this massive tax increase. They held countless town halls advocating for their boondoggle and called people who opposed them anti-kid.

It was a tough battle, but thankfully level heads prevailed. Voters rejected the increase 56-44 due in part to Gio working hard to help Keller taxpayers. It was his first fight for Keller, but it wasn’t his last. He’s been sticking up for us since before he was even elected to the HD98 seat, and that’s one of the many reasons I’m still supporting him today.

And Armin Mizani? Records show he didn’t even bother to vote in the TRE election. Maybe he didn’t even live here at the time, who knows. Maybe he was working for Diane Feinstein to get legislation passed to kill babies.

All I know is that when taxpayers in Keller and N. Ft. Worth needed protection from the largest tax increase in our history, Gio stepped up to the plate.

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